"Tia Pham recently acted for my family in the sale of my Mother in Law's house in Etobicoke. This was not a simple process, and Tia not only excelled in her normal duties as a real estate agent, but went far and beyond the call of duty in terms of the entire process. My Mother in Law had lived in her house for almost 50 years, and had to move into a retirement home without much advance notice. Further complicating matters is that we live in British Columbia. We asked Tia not only to market and sell the house (that was certainly in need of repair), but also to organize and clear out almost 50 years of belongings. Tia took complete control of the situation, and interviewed several estate sale companies as well as cartage companies. It took more than a week to organize and clear the house, and Tia took charge of the entire process. As well, she arranged for landscaping and outside maintenance while the house was on the market and unoccupied. Once the house was listed, Tia checked it regularly, reported back to me on the activity, and was very aggressive in marketing the property. By the time I actually arrived in Toronto (from B.C.), we had received multiple offers and we had a firm deal prior to my departure 10 days later. Tia also handled some of the closing arrangements with our lawyer, as I was back in British Columbia. I would not hesitate to recommend Tia for any real estate transaction, be it simple or complex." - Bill & Wanda G.

"I'd like to share my experience on selling our home with Tia. Upon our first meeting Tia appeared to be different than any other agent I've ever met. She exhibited great intelligence, likeability and high-level professionalism. At our second meeting she came fully prepared with an in-depth presentation as to the real estate market in the area and a concise marketing plan to sell our home. I was very impressed to say the least and she won our business. She was fantastic at helping us set up the house for staging and even coming to water the flowers when we weren't there. She sold our home in less than 3 days. I was extremely happy to say the least. Tia's warmth and caring nature has allowed us to remain friends afterwards. I will be Tia's live testimonial. Please contact me at anytime if you need to speak with me about Tia's great work in selling our home. They always say... great things come in small packages!" - Tony V.

"Tia was very different compared to most agents we know/worked with before. Rather than simply being bottom-line oriented (sticking to concepts like "What's your budget? When do you have to move? Where do you want to move?"), she was much more oriented towards the end-to-end experience of us finding a home by engaging us through diverse dialogue around "What kind of lifestyle are you looking for? How important is it for you to be in X area for work/leisure? What are some things that you consider important so we can align expectations?" - this is key in making a difference in home-finding; your client is more than a number (might be different with other clients). Tia went above and beyond our expectations. Keeping your focus around what's valuable to the person you're working with, maintaining composure and patience leads up to the experience you're capable of making. I've already referred Tia to a friend moving in from a different city and she trusted Tia enough to call the shot on the type of condo she would sign for without even seeing it in person! That is trust with a capital T! Simply put, Tia will hammer out all the formalities of the work - without expectation of gratitude/appreciation - and still be a glowing smile whenever directions change in the process of getting a home. Resilience, persistence and genuine care make her stand out of the pack. Thank you Tia!" - David D. & Florence VG.

"Tia is a warm and caring professional who has not only become our realtor but also a friend. She has shown genuine concern for the well being of my family, ensuring that we were matched with properties suitable to our growing and changing needs. I would highly recommend her as a realtor of choice!" - Bernadette D.

"Tia was perfect. Tia found us the perfect home and helped us when we had no idea what we were doing. After finding us the home, she supported us so much. Tia answers whenever I have a question. You're perfect at your job. 10 out of 10." - Brielle G.

"Tia is amazing at what she does. She hustled so much to get me the perfect condo - she even went out of her way to take care of all my paper work including finding the right insurance company while I was stuck at work. She's a great realtor to have. She goes above and beyond to make her clients happy. I would recommend Tia to anyone looking to find a place in Toronto." - Madaleina A.

"Being a first time home buyer, I was not sure what type of home I was looking for. I was sure of two things - I wanted to buy a home and before that, find a realtor to help me with the process. I was lucky I ran into Tia and she immediately put me at ease and guided me through the process. She drove me around to various open houses across the city and put up with my constantly evolving choices on the ideal home. Eventually Tia found 2 great condos I was torn between. I took Tia's advice and I was very happy with the purchase and Tia's professional and friendly approach through the experience. A few months later, life events happened which got me moving from Toronto so I turned to Tia again as I was confident I could trust her through the leasing process (identifying tenants, shortlisting them, handling the paperwork etc.). We secured a tenant very quickly and Tia kept me regularly updated through email/phone as I was out of town already. Tia has become a friend since my home purchase. Qualities I admire about her - highly responsive, attention to detail, tough negotiator (you want her on your side), sees the big picture and doesn't get hung up on small stuff and overall a great collaborator. I highly recommend Tia to be your realtor. She will invest in you and make you her priority!" - Prakash H.

"On behalf of my husband and I we wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for all your hard work and dedication that was put into selling our home that we lived in for over 36 years. It was quick and efficient, not to mention 'sold for over asking price'. You are an amazing, eager, intelligent real estate agent who helped us sell our home fast and at an amazing price. Your attention to detail and knowledge of the industry was incredible and well noted resulting in selling our home so quickly. We will definitely refer you to all of our family and friends without a doubt! We have developed a relationship with you personally that we will cherish and continue to have in years to come. We are now settling into the retirement stage of our lives and we didn't want to forget to say thank you for making our dream for the future become a reality." - Franca & Joe B.

"I don't know where to start but I have to say Tia was super friendly and helpful! We had so many questions and she always took time to help us understand everything in the home purchase process. She performed at the highest level of professionalism, decisiveness and deliberateness. Although purchasing a home can be a very daunting and stressful experience, Tia helped our transition to be much smoother. She even helped us find a real estate lawyer. We highly recommend her to assist in the selling or purchasing of a home. Having her on your side will be very rewarding." - Ali & Inci K.

"Tia is an absolute delight to work with. She is friendly, humble, hard working, and goes above and beyond for her clients. She is knowledgeable in what she does and always keeps the client in mind. I trusted her completely to protect and guide us through the whole process as it was our first time and Tia blew us out of the water. Without a doubt I would recommend her to anyone and plan on using her services again. Thank you for being so professional and sweet! Thank you for your patience and always keeping our best interests in mind." - Asma I. & Mohamed M.

"Tia knew what we were looking for and worked very hard to find it. Great job Tia!" - Lou-Anne H.

"Tia was very resourceful, accommodating and kind when helping my husband and I." - Ramona & Jerry P.

"Tia was amazing to work with. She showcased our home so professionally. She was more than pleasant to deal with and ensured that the process was stress free. We would definitely recommend her services. She is the best!" - Rovin M.

"Tia is an amazing agent. She is always on top of it, whether it is finding potential places shortly after connecting with her or going to check out apartments prior to your visit to save you an unnecessary trip. She is also very flexible and finds ways to work around your schedule. She makes every effort to ensure her clients get their hearts desire. I liked that your responses were quick and detailed and you went above and beyond to assist me with what needed to be done." - Chenise M.

"As newcomers to the country with our 3 year old son, we were desperate to find a home in the GTA. We thought we could find a place for ourselves but after 8 days of looking, we contacted Tia. She got us a place to live within our budget and it only took 2 days. She worked fast to help us and also had many tips for us as newcomers. I would recommend her for her efficiency and effectiveness. In addition, she is very sweet." - Yuli & Rafael M.

"What I liked most was your professional and thorough approach, confident manner and that you knew how to negotiate well. Thank you Tia!" - Barbara B.

"Tia was so patient and went above and beyond to help me purchase my condo. She was easy to talk to and always replied quickly. I am so happy she worked for me!" - Chiho M.

"Tia was there comprehensively every step of the way and always available for us through text or phone for answers when we needed it. I felt like you always knew where my head was at and acted accordingly to whatever situations arose. She was very professional but also a good friend throughout the whole process. Tia is very knowledgeable and will work tirelessly for you to ensure everything is done in a timely manner. We would definitely recommend her to friends and family and use her in the future for any real estate needs." - Sam T. & Ryan S.

"This was my first time using the services of a realtor. Tia made that experience extremely easy and got me the right condo. All the paperwork was very well taken care of. Additionally, she took extra steps to make sure the entire process was as easy as possible. What I liked most was the easy communication, her professionalism and the quick turn around time. I would highly recommend her services and would definitely contact her in the future if I needed to find another place." - Bilal Z.

"We hired Tia to rent our home in Etobicoke this summer. Her professionalism and warmth made the process a lot less stressful. Tia is professional, reliable, prompt and personal always. Thanks so much for all your efforts." - Mary & Lino T.

"You were very honest and genuine with me from the start, you are kind and you were not like other pushy agents who just focus on closing that sale. Thank you for all you've done for me! I did not expect the process to move so quick and smooth. I have already referred you to friends of mine. I hope we can work together again in the future!" - Jennah P.

"Tia is so patient and warm. Right from the start she made us feel at ease and was very friendly. She's easy to work with, accommodating, quick to understand our needs, flexible in her approach and responsive. She made every reasonable effort to find what I was looking for very quickly and went the extra mile to help us. I have worked with other real estate agents and Tia is definitely one of the best. I would recommend her to anyone in a heart beat!" - Dr. Clarence C.

"First of all, Tia put so much effort in and worked so hard to find the best home for me. She was so quick and very responsive and that is how I ended up getting the best place around here! She was also super friendly and respectful despite how indecisive I was. She waited patiently until I came up with my decision. I am so happy that you worked for me and honestly, you are the best realtor ever! :)" - Ben B.

"Has a sensational talent for understanding what is important to you in the home you're looking for. Once that is established, those values become hers as well in the hunt and Tia remains committed, dedicated and persistent in the search up until you're in your new home!" - David D.

"Tia is very reliable and professional. Her service is incomparable and I will definitely continue to use her services in the future." - Peter T.

"Tia was very professional. She took the time to listen to what I was looking for and needed, and overall just really took care of me. She gave me excellent advice on what to look for and future long term projections. She went the extra mile as an agent and I will always use her as my agent." - Liz T.

"You were my first realtor and I had nothing but a positive experience working with you." - Matteo M.

"Tia was a phenomenal agent! We struggled with finding our first home in a competitive market and were just about to compromise on our wants/must haves list in a home. Tia kept us on track and reminded us to stick to what we wanted and that the right house would show up. We are sure glad that we listened to her because we couldn't be happier with our now home. As a first time home buyer, Tia provided all the guidance and services needed. It was such a pleasant experience that we will be sure to use her services again and recommend it to our family and friends." - Judy B. & Rich A.

"It was a pleasure working with Tia again. She's helped me with the last 2 places I've stayed at and my experiences were very consistent. As a young person who's just starting out in my career, Tia understood where I was coming from and always went out of her way to explain things in a way that made sense to me and I really appreciated that. Thanks for making moving out a lot less stressful than it typically is." - Sahar A.

"Working with Tia was an amazing experience. Not only did she help me find my dream apartment but she also went above and beyond to help with all the other aspects that come from being a first time renter in Toronto. I find myself constantly recommending her to all my friends!"​ - Pia M.

"Tia was great! She was a committed agent who made the whole process a breeze for us. Thanks for your help!" - Pina M. & James L.

Tia is very pleasant to work with. At first, we were very concerned if we would find a place on time since there was not much available at that time but Tia made sure she sent us listings regularly which made us feel that she’s really there to help us find a place. She has attention to details and is very patient when showing us places which we really appreciate. She is always on top of things in terms of all the documentation and all our questions were answered thoughtfully. She let us feel that she values our time as she makes sure the listings are worth seeing based on our very specific preferences before we schedule our viewings. We are grateful to have found such an agent who cares and really does her job very well.” - Maricris & Karlo P.

"Tia helped us with buying our first home. She was always very responsive and she never said no if we wanted to see another unit. She was very organized with documentation as well. Even during COVID-19, she did her best within safety protocols to help us find our dream home. We were very happy with her and we highly recommend her for anyone looking for a great broker." - Burak & Yanki K.

"Tia helped me with my first home purchase in Etobicoke. Like any first time buyer, I was nervous, not decisive and walked in/out of many condos. Tia was patient and walked along with me more as a friend than a realtor. This new home has brought lots of luck and happiness in my life. Tia continues to be a good friend, more like family. I look forward to working with her for my second purchase. Thank you Tia and good luck!" - Indu R.

“Tia helped us get our home in such a short amount of time. She was easy to talk to and helped answer any questions we had whether it was through text, phone or email. Tia really understood what we wanted in terms of what kind of home, the area we wanted to live in and price range we budgeted for. She also negotiated the best deal for us. She had everything done electronically so we didn’t have to make the extra trip to pick up forms or scan things onto the computer etc. I definitely would recommend her as a real estate agent!” - Samantha T & Marc B.

“Tia is an amazing realtor! She always gave me her opinion on the places we visited and told me if I needed to adjust my budget for the proposals. She is very friendly which made me feel comfortable whenever I told her about the type of places that I wanted to find. She also told me everything that I needed about the places we visited and some things to watch out for. She also helped me set up utilities and sort out the paperwork for the unit. I would recommend her to my friends. Also, all the units were exactly what I wanted!” - Andres G.

"Tia was incredible - she provided great communication and helped us find a house which suited our needs." ​ - Marc B.

"I was having trouble finding a tenant from the blunder of another agent and Tia came along. She found a renter for me in 3 days. She is very pleasant and professional to work with. Communication was excellent despite me living out of the country. Would absolutely work with her again!" - JP.

"Tia is amazing! She has helped me find the last two places I have lived in. She is great at what she does. She is patient and goes above and beyond to make sure she finds places that meet my expectations. She communicates well and is very flexible. She is always readily available to respond to any inquiries I have that come up whether that is during signing a lease or afterwards. I recommend her to anyone that is looking for a realtor :)" ​ - Israa A.

"It was a pleasure working with Tia again, she is fantastic! She helped us with the sale of our condominium and buying a new house in a very competitive market. It was quite a stressful process as we had to coordinate both selling and buying within a very limited time frame but the deal was done in just over one week. She negotiated the best deal for both places and helped us find what we were exactly looking for. During all the negotiations and both closings, Tia was always reachable to quickly handle any issues that may have arisen. She is very professional, knowledgeable and responsive. We are so happy to work with Tia and highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to buy or sell a home. She is the best realtor ever!!" - Inci & Ali K.

"She was the only realtor who wanted to work with me because I am an international student. Even with the current (difficult) market, she found me a great apartment and helps me to set things up like hydro. Amazing realtor especially for internationals" - Lilly W.

"In the real estate business, integrity speaks volumes about an agent's practice. I would work with Tia anytime. She is detail-oriented, professional and serves her client's best interest. I respect Tia as a person and fellow colleague. We need more professionals like Tia in the real estate community." - Sai K.

"Tia was very helpful when it came to finding a new condo. She helped take care of all of the additional paperwork including setting up utilities, moving elevators and contacting building management. She went above and beyond to help and answer any question I had. I would recommend Tia to help you find a great place to live!" - Scott R.

"Tia is a wonderful realtor. She helped us find our dream condo and was incredibly supportive and proactive throughout the whole process. We highly recommend her."​​​​​​​ - Shahd K. & Christian Z.

"Tia is incredible, the best realtor I've ever worked with. Based on one conversation we had, she was able to tailor listings for us to help find what we're looking for. Not only did she help find the perfect place for us, but she went the extra mile and helped us with all the other details such as setting up utilities, booking the elevator on the move-in date etc. She was so fun and great to work with. Will definitely be working with her again in the future."​​​​​​​ - Nour & Amr M.

"I was recommended to Tia by a friend as I was looking for a condo as a first-time renter. Based off of our first conversation, she steered me in the right direction by giving me all the information I needed to get started. Within a few days, she sent me listings based off of my criteria and always acted in my interest. Not to mention, she sent me listings as soon as they were available, even if it was late at night! This is important because the Toronto market moves very quickly - I really appreciated that. Fast forward 2-3 weeks, I was already signing for a lease at my dream condo unit at a price that was fair in the market (FYI she does her research). And the rest is history! She remained patient, responsive and always helped me with any question I had throughout the entire process. I'll definitely recommend Tia when I have the chance!"​​​​​​​ - Jason J.

"I've gotten to know and adore Tia so much. She's helped me out to buy and sell properties over the years and I am happy to have had her as an agent. She is very knowledgeable and thorough with real estate and had shown her professionalism through patience and diligence. She would not disappoint and is always on top of things. Thank you Tia." - Jessica P.

"Tia is a great person to work with. She is also super kind, thoughtful and responsive. We are sooo happy to have met and worked with her. She guided and helped us a lot. She followed up with the processes with all parties very carefully. She took care of all the steps starting from finding a new house until move in. We had a great first time home buyer experience with her. We would highly recommend her as a realtor agent. Thank you very much Tia for everything!!!" - ​​​​​​​Cagla & Togay Y.

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